Researchers believe that having a Plan B makes you feel psychologically more secure. Here at NoplanBneeded we propose that the mere act of thinking of a backup plan can reduce performance on your primary goal by decreasing your desire for goal achievement.

Stick to Plan A.........NoplanBneeded!

NoplanBneeded develops bespoke and tailor-made fitness plans that are a little more than just your normal exercise regime. 

Each plan has a combination of Fitness and Wellbeing at its core.

Typically, a WellBeing session will be 90 minutes long and involve 45/60 minutes of guided physical activity followed by 30/45 minutes of Mindfulness development. 


About Me

I am a triathlete, endurance cyclist and yogi in-training.Fitness to me is so much more than just the physical act. Its a lifestyle choice. I follow a concept based on clear objectives, developing a healthy body, a strong and adaptive mind and creating an holistic lifestyle.
NoplanBneeded offers a complete end-to-end lifestyle choice for those that are looking for something a little different than gym workouts and endless hours on a treadmill. 


What does NoplanBneeded do?

Wellbeing Plans

No-one likes endless hours on a treadmill, hundreds of burpee's and a poorly designed fitness schedule. 

NoplanBneeded develops bespoke and tailor-made fitness plans that are a little more than just your normal exercise regime. 


Lifestyle Coaching

Fitness and Wellbeing is a core value at NoplanBneeded. But we understand the dynamic lives people lead. We offer an holistic approach to Lifestyle Coaching to help you better understand your physical, mental, emotional and spritual self. 


As a yogi in-training I am constantly looking for ways to improve my overall Wellbeing. Yoga has helped me realise

Life Fitness is more than hours spent in the gym, or having a balanced, healthy diet. At NoplanBneeded we offer a personalised yoga plan that will develop your body and mind. 

Yoga by the Pool
Yoga Pose


Along with your body, the fitness of your Mind is equally as important, but so often overlooked. Here at NoplanBneeded we will help you reach into your Mind, help understand your you realise the strength and power of your Mind. 

Active Listening

The ability to truly listen to someone without judgement is an art that I have been able to hone throughout my career. 
I offer a fully confidential service aimed at putting you at the centre and a trusting support network built around you.


What do people think?

Don't just take our word for it! Listen to what some of our clients have to say about the services on offer at noplanBneeded......

......It took me a while to find someone who was offering a total package and not just a personal trainer interested in developing my muscles.The NoplanBneeded team have given me a unique perspective on what Fitness and Wellbeing can and is about. I cannot recommend them enough if you are willing to try something new and develop a lifestyle choice......

Jeremy Bateson

......The sessions were structured in such a unique way that it made me realise hours spent in the gym is not the way to a healthier Lifestyle. The guys at NoplanBneeded are indeed unique! Give them a try!!......

Mark Kent

Ready to Run

Contact Me

I am standing by to join your journey of making Fitness and Wellbeing the cornerstones of your lifestyle. 

Tell me what you want to achieve......start the journey to a healthier you. 

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